Candy, hair & ribbons

Wednesday 20 June 2012  at 11:59
'right, time for more graphite drawing!
I started this girl portrait while I was actually obsessing over fizzy belts. That's what happens when you live abroad... One day, out of the blue, you remember a particular candy, biscuit or any other specialty and then you realize with horror that it's not that common in your new country. And then you start wandering the candy aisles, browsing the Internet and stopping with hope at every candy store you can find, looking for your damn candy fix.
In my case I really really wanted cola fizzy belts such as this:
Hence the hair.

All is well that ends well as I was able to find strawberry ones at WHSmith (yes, the bookshop) and some friends brought the cola ones from France. So I've now moved on to another obsession that might end with my next visit to Borough Market: fried courgette flowers.

Consider this a preliminary drawing as I will most definitely turn her into a painting...

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  1. OK, even though these sour belts are really terrible (way too sour for me!!) nice source of inspiration! :)