Saturday 2 June 2012  at 00:35
A few weeks ago I've stumbled across a very cool website: Doodlers Anonymous.
It's basically a haven for people like me, who are happily addicted to pencil scraps, ink fumes and obsess over nibs and brushes.
Not only is it a nice blog where to discover talented upcoming artists, but they also regularly launch contests...and... I LOVE CONTESTS!
So here is my entry, this time for a bookmark...

Mmm I wonder what she's reading...
Don't hesitate to fave me on DA if you like it, it's this way!
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  1. Love it! I of course voted for you for the contest on DA ;) Hopefully you will make it to the top 5! Do you have the results yet?
    So what's the next project/contest?!

  2. If I still know how to count... 4th! :) As for projects, a serie of portraits and the next contests: beermat character design and a serie of buttons. I need to keep it up!

  3. c'est plein de poésie.. la chevelure est un tourbillon des mots d'images...;de rèves.. la petite fille est captivée par sa la comprends...
    "A quoi servent les livres s'ils ne ramènent pas vers la vie, s'ils ne parviennent pas à nous y faire boire avec plus d'avidité?" Henry Miller... you are the best!! la plus de plus!!

  4. 4th for the contest? Cool! Hopefully you'll be one of the 2 winners... even if the competition is hard! Next contests you're talking about also on DA? And yeah, keep it up! :)

  5. The other two are on different websites, will send you the link (you should try!)