Font Aid VI: Aster Effects

Monday 19 November 2012  at 11:36
Last week, The Society of Typographic Aficionados was organizing Font Aid VI: Aster Affects — a "project uniting the typographic and design communities to raise funds for Red Cross relief efforts after the events of Hurricane Sandy".
The goal was to create an asterisk glyph that will be included in a typeface sold on their website.
When I read the brief I knew instantly I wanted to give my asterisk a "flowery" feel. We want to be positive and think ahead, so what could be better than nature?
After a disaster, nature always prevails... It regenerates and no matter how long it might take, life goes on. That's also why I decided to suggest Myrtle. It symbolizes love, rebirth and the beginning of a new life, which is all I wish for Sandy victims.
And here is the result...

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