Rock my Valentine

Wednesday 6 February 2013  at 17:55
This week I designed and screen printed my very first greeting cards, hurray! I must say the whole printing process was quite satisfying. It is one thing to see one of your design in a magazine or on a billboard but getting your hands dirty and then hold the actual piece is quite different.
I sold two already and the remaining stock is at the Parkshot Gallery. I'm now working on a bigger collection and an online shop. We'll see how it goes!

Hand drawn type and lil' rock playing the air guitar
Every card is a bit different, I had fun with various pinks
Message inside and logo on the back cover


  1. They're cool!! Good job :) But I still haven't received mine :P Royal Mail & Canada Post are really slow ;)

  2. Whaaaaat? That's impossible! I will sue them :D