O Summer... where art thou?

Tuesday 10 July 2012  at 01:21
Today was my last session in the screenprinting studio (until September) and this is the illustration I quickly whipped up this afternoon. Where do I draw my inspiration you might say?
Oh the mystery!
From one VERY crappy summer weather so far. I was pretty hopeful as last year was not so bad and it was quite warm already... but that was before...
Anyway, this illustration sums it up: one hour of sun, yay flip flop! and then it rains.
and then Sun yay flip flops! and it rains. Over. And. Over.
On the bright side it's not cold and whatever happens I'm escaping to Southern France in August.

Now about this print, you can see some Yellow (mix of process Y and Y Cadmium to be precise) and three different shades of grey, kind of like the sky these days :D
It all just started from a drawing, at least for the word "Summer". The rest was directly drawn in Illustrator.
I must say I am a type nerd already but I'm becoming fonder and fonder of lettering.
One more thing to add on my "to practice" list.

And a closeup... Ah I just love the paper texture and inks!


  1. c'est valable pour la ville de Vancouver aussi!! je me rappelle les tee shirts avec "il love Vancouver" et un petit nuage de pluie!!!!

  2. :) Sauf qu'à Vancouver quand il pleut on peut se gratter pour voir du soleil dans la même journée...