Secret London

Wednesday 4 July 2012  at 01:24
A few months ago I've participated in the "SERCO prize 2012", an illustration contest commissioned by "Transport for London", whose latest theme was "Secret London".
I was not selected but this led me to my second screenprinting project. Nothing is ever wasted that's for sure!
For this illustration I chose a view from which you can see many landmarks and I've added some "secret details" that could be seen as peculiar but all related to London... like the green parakeet for example. I'm still amazed when I see a couple of them happily frolicking in one of the parks!

So for the screenprinting part I only kept my line drawing, as seen below, and added a few colours.

And five screens later, here is the result:

Even though my greys are a bit dark, I think it turned out quite well. I will probably make a new print at some point using a different colour scheme though... That's what I love with screeprinting, the possibilities are endless.

I just love details sooooo much!


  1. Impressive, great job!! Plus I didn't know about green parakeets living free in London! So exotic! :)

  2. Yes, you have to visit and I will introduce you to them :D

  3. OUAH!!!!!!!!!!! le design, les couleurs, superbe!!!! bravo!!! je le verrai bien en déco sur un mur!!!!!

  4. Why not, le dessin original peut être agrandi à l'infini donc ça marcherait :D

  5. qu'est ce qu'on attend !!!!!!!!???????????????